This blog contains my works of fiction.  Right now, there are just a few short stories, and the beginnings of a longer project I call “Project Omega.”

e.b. sarver

e.b. sarver

Some of the short stories are things I wrote during college, when I was studying Creative Writing via the Literature Department at University of California at Santa Cruz.  I took courses in fiction writing with Dawn Atkins, Lucille Clifton, and Ron Hansen.

My primary genres are thrillers and science fiction.  I might choose to write something in another genre at some point, but generally speaking, you can expect all or most of my fiction to fall under the genres of: scifi, horror, fantasy, mystery or thriller.  You can always expect it to contain some differing perspectives outside the norm.

I have attempted to properly “date” when these stories were originally written, much as with my poetry blog, also contained in this blog network.

I have been writing as a hobby and as an art from since my teens.  Most of my work with fiction dates back to my college and high school days, as I’ve barely written any stories since then.  Most of my writing since then was either professional, career-oriented writing for my work (which would bore the pants off you, I’m certain), or the occasional poem or online rant.

In recent years, I’ve had more time for myself and my interests, and fiction has become an interest again.  One of the initial stories first published here was written in 2010.

Additionally, my new project, titled “Project Omega” or rather, “Project Ω,” is intended as more of an “online, interactive novel.”  I am writing it in a different order than I’m publishing it.  The story will come out in installments, as fast as I’m able to “polish” them and get them online.  I have a complete outline for the entire story arc, so rest assured, it is going somewhere.  Unfortunately or fortunately for you, dear readers, this story is a mind-bender, and whatever you think is going on…I assure you…if you haven’t seen my outline, you’re probably mistaken.  Expect the unexpected, with lots of crazy and sudden plot twists, and the ever-present question of, “who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys?”  All my years I have appreciated authors and stories that bring the reader or viewer through a major twist of fate that causes such questions to be asked.  I intend to run my readers through the same type of mental fun house.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

This site is presently offered free of charge, and likely always will be.  I am not a big believer in intellectual property.  I think information should be free, and so this site is free to access.  This does not mean, however, that I don’t think I deserve to be paid for my work.  I hope you’ll enjoy this site enough to consider making a donation, clicking on some of my ads and purchasing something, buying a product through my Amazon store, or through one of my affiliate links elsewhere on this blog network.  The absolute best, and most appreciated way for you to let me know you enjoy my work is to make a donation via PayPal.  You’ll be showing your support for my work, and sending the money to me directly and instantly, rather than sending a percentage of a purchase roundabout via a third party.

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