The Stone

…excerpts from the journals of Dr. Robert Justin…

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.”

Revelation, 21.6

25 December, 1980

I have at last drank from the cup of God and now I shall have life eternal.  Through all my life I have scoffed at the words of God, how strange it is that through Him I have stumbled upon immortality.  I have been a disbeliever myself, and do not expect you to listen to my words without skepticism.  The story I am about to tell, however, is as true as the earth is round.  There is immortality upon this planet.  I have met her and her name is Glacia Dion.

I had my first glimpses of immortality on February 6th, 1978, when Tobias Thorn, a good friend and a writer stopped by to talk.  He had just completed his graduate thesis on “The Search for Immortality in Western Literature,” at Harvard.  That night he explained to me that his research had led him to seek the expertise of a woman named Glacia Dion.  Dion was then a mystic and palmreader living in Boston.  He was raving about her endlessly–obviously in love.  “She is a real alchemist,” he exclaimed, “my God, Robert, she has the elixir of life, do you understand?”

“Yes, Tobias, I do understand, but I do not believe.”

“You will, when you are forty years old and I am still twenty-five, then you will believe.”  (I was then only twenty-seven.)

“If that should happen, which I very much doubt, only then I shall believe you.”  Little did I know how soon I would believe.  Glacia had apprenticed my friend, and he had already drank the elixir (which must be done twice), and thus begun his pathway to eternal life.  I proposed that I do a biological study of his reaction to the elixir, and he agreed.  First, however, I was to meet Glacia.

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